The primary purpose behind the formation of the Contract Manufacturing Alliance was to cater to the diverse requirements of brands spanning various sizes, ranging from nascent startups to growing ventures and well-established enterprises. Our initiative encompasses a comprehensive range of eight distinct manufacturing avenues, each thoughtfully designed to provide assistance to anyone seeking manufacturing solutions.

Within this framework of eight distinctive manufacturing arms, we have meticulously curated a spectrum of options tailored to meet specific needs. These encompass a wide array of offerings, including provisions for Cottage Foods and homemade products, access to fully equipped Commercial Kitchens, dedicated spaces within Food Innovation Centers for experimental endeavors, the utilization of Pilot Plants for testing and refining production processes, engaging with professional Contract Manufacturers for large-scale production, sourcing essential Ingredients and efficient Packaging solutions, creating personalized branding through Private Labeling, and even the exciting prospect of establishing an independent manufacturing facility under your brand’s banner.

* The Contract Packaging Association’s RFQ Tool is one of our primary vehicles helping brands of all-sizes get entry into contract manufacturers throughout America and Canada.