Marjack Company Inc. (previously based in Landover, Maryland),was a distributor of candy, snack items, and specialty retail products throughout the United States. Marjack specialized insnack programs (ex was a key distributor for Blockbuster Video) who grew to $158 million in volume prior to being acquired by Vistar (had eight owned centers).   The main owner was Warren Coopersmith.


Liberty Distribution Company LLC (“Liberty”) was founded in 1998 (James Schweikert) and has since become the leading distributor of candy, chips, and related snack food items to non-food retailers throughout the United States. Liberty’s customers comprise some of the largest and most demanding national retailers. They include The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Best Buy, The Sports Authority, Office Depot, AutoZone, among many others. Their vendors included Mars, Hershey’s and Nestle, to name just a few.  As of 2012, Liberty serviced over 50,000 retail locations with three strategically placed distribution centers throughout the country.

Concession Supplies

Continental Concession Supplies Inc was a dominant distributor in the concessions area (movie theatres, stadiums, arenas, family fun centers and others).  They were the #1 distributor for concessions in movie theatres.   CCSI evolved into being a strong distribution partner with non-traditional and alternative format retailers and food service end-users.  Headed up by Adam Gottlieb, CCSI was a competitor to Liberty Distribution.


Vistar acquired the three distributors involved in alternative retail formats (CCSI, Marjack, Liberty Distribution) and today is the dominant distributor for specialty, concessions, vending and alternative formats. They pride ourselves as being one of the largest wholesale distributors in our industry. They have locations strategically placed in every region of the country and with 20 distribution centers and 9 Merchant’s Marts, Vistar has the size and capability to service any size order.